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Social Media Monitoring

One of the major goals of Social Media Marketing is to add value to your site and put it into limelight and that comes via constant monitoring and keeps social conversation alive.


It’s also essential to thoroughly monitor the interaction between you and your followers and also what’s said about you in the online community. Only by being an active listener can you properly adjust your conversation to be more responsive. We offer the best social media reporting and monitoring services.


By using our specially designed experienced and excellent approach for small to medium sized business towards social media monitoring is more cost-effective way to handle social efforts. We know exactly how to play with limited budget and resources.


Using the latest analytics software and tools available in market, we can monitor and sense each and every one of your social accounts, profiles, search, blogs and comments and deliver in-depth social media monitoring report documents as regularly as possible.


You’ll find that our social media monitoring services are priced so matched with the benefits and will really benefit from the level of support you receive throughout the duration of your social campaign.


Our Searchcom Technologies team always ready to talk with clients, help us to understand what exactly they need, offer advices, tips and full with ready to do attitude.


We deliver specific profile and account management services for facebook marketing and twitter account management besides the complete monitoring and management services.






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