"PPC is Profitable, if you Play it well."  

Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click campaign boosts your chances to surge the sales and capture the market.

Pay per click advertising is the marketing option offered to the users by pay-per-click search engines. It is a small advert for specific keywords on the search results page in return for a specific payment when the visitors click on the advert. The advertisers do not pay just for appearing on the result page, they pay only when they bid for or agree to when visitors click on their advert. To put it simply, “Pay Per Click” means the advertiser have to pay each time the visitors click on the advert.


Why PPC is important?

Google introduces new features every now and then to improvise the PPC landscape as the advertisers become savvy to track customers, additional information more accomplished at processing and extracting insights from the data provided to them.

  • Pay Per Click Gets higher ROI
  • Creates Brand Awareness While Selling Its Offerings
  • PPC Renders Instant Targeted Traffic
  • Generates Qualified Leads


We at Searchcom Technologies.com, offer six customized PPC management services designed for enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for various platforms:


Pay-Per-Click Management Services


Pay per Click Analysis Pay per Click Account Pay per Click Management
Display / Contextual Ads Remarketing – Rebranding PPC on Social Networks


Google Adwords is the most popular PPC search engine. Most online marketers are highly familiarized with the advantages of Google AdWords PPC advertising program. The other popular PPC search engines are Microsoft Adcenter and Facebook. There are other search engines that offer you opportunities for PPC advertising. Meta search engines incorporate traffic from other search engines and other online sources, and small, niche search engines with more than one category.


For Google and Google Display Networks Google Adwords
For Bing, Yahoo and Microsoft Display Network Microsoft Adcenter


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