"PPC is Profitable, if you Play it well."  

Pay Per Click Management

PPC Management service of Searchcom Technologies is based on PPC advertising offered by leading paid placement service providers like Google Adwords, Facebook and Bing Ads.


PPC Management Services


PPC Advert represents your business and creates awareness among potential customers and distinguishes your business by the products and services you offer. PPC Advert offers an opportunity to pay for top positions on the leading Search Engines and being appeared on relevant keyword searches. Certainly, this generates qualified traffic and renders many ways to compliment your existing search engine optimization strategies by keyword research, business models, and marketplace verticals to develop your overall online marketing strategy to excel for any online business.


A keyword research is utmost important that finds high numbers of long tail keywords that are less expensive to advertise on. In order to lower the average cost-per-click (CPC) across your entire campaign, this science can be used to hedge against the more expensive high volume keywords.


PPC Ad Campaign should follow the recent marketing trend :

  • Cross Device Tracking
  • Enhanced Campaign
  • User Focused Marketing
  • Display Adverts
  • Behavioral Retargeting


Main activities which we cover in PPC Management are:


PPC Campaign Management Process includes:

  1. Account setup on different platforms
  2. We will set up PPC accounts and monitor account settings (daily max spend, match type, countries, etc.) to maximize business goals with minimum expenses.


  3. Keyword research
  4. We will do a keyword research as a base of all PPC activity to build a campaign in manner that they spend a reasonable amount on the appropriate keywords, whether you have existing or new PPC account.


  5. Campaign management
  6. We will create campaigns and ad-groups and implement different set of setting to each of them for smooth running of account.


  7. Ad and Creative development
  8. Writing exclusive and different creative ads with unique titles and descriptions as per different PPC account requirement to help maximize click thru and conversion rates are our core expertise and ppc specialization.


  9. Landing page creation
  10. Good creative landing page are heart of PPC. We recognize the best existing destination \ Landing page (if site contains) or help to develop a new proper landing page by recommending few improvements. We can create a new landing page for the related campaigns too.


  11. Conversion Tracking
  12. SWS work with your web development team and help them to implement tracking for conversion and ROI calculation. It helps us to show a right direction in PPC.


  13. Bid management
  14. Our PPC bid management services including maintaining a budget oriented CPC, bid gap monitoring, individual keyword bidding and frequently bid price changes to get better ROI per click.


  15. Ad / Creative Testing
  16. We will perform different types of ad/creative testing for new and existing creative and ads. Testing includes various methods like split, a/b/c, and quadrants methods.


  17. Account Maintenance
  18. Implement different strategies for PPC campaign improvement and maintenance including changes to ad Titles, Destination URLs, Description of ads. It also includes keyword change and bid modification.


  19. Keep you Update
  20. PPC service providers are constantly transform their interface and initiate new methods for paid placements with new different opportunities, we will endow you with information and how we can utilize the new features in active paid marketing campaigns to get preeminent results.


Call us today to discuss your requirements with us. As a PPC Company We’re happy to provide you quotation and our services on request.
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