" First thing I do is to search about you in Google. "  
Reputation Management & Protection on Search Results

You are What Google and Bing Say about you – your brand.

When people Google your name, they take the results at face value and judge you on that information, even if it’s untrue (or about someone else). We try to put your true information infront of people when people search about it.


Negative content makes people think negative.

A bad link about you appears in your search results, the more people see it and the more damage it does to your brand. We try to surpass that bad link with good links as fast as we can.


How it will work?

Out of more than hundred ranking factor of ranking in Google, one of most crucial factor is Popularity.

So it happens that the content which are hurting your online reputation is favoured and linked like Google start consider them as more popular about your business without knowing its effect on your business. It is remaining there until you are giving a more popular page than it to Google.

Yes, as you are thinking we make your business's positive pages "more influential" than its negative pages. Actually neither we can’t ask Google to remove that negative web page as we do not own them nor we don't actually delete any WebPages from its sources as we don’t post it. Instead we simply make unwanted pages about your business rank lower in search results so that virtually no one ever sees them.

While that may sound simple, it actually requires an incredible amount of time, effort and some serious science. Even with our proven, award-winning (and now patented!) technology, affecting Google results doesn't happen overnight, but it does.

We are not like other reputation management companies, which take your money like other SEO projects, and say that it will take time. We believe in our work in Reputation Management is what sets us apart from the crowd. Aside from a small set up fee, we do not charge you a single penny more until your search results are clean. Seriously, you do not pay us until we have succeeded.


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